Costa Rica , for yoga and surf lovers

The first time I travelling to Costa Rica I was a solo traveller looking for waves and deep blue ocean to dive in. I found both. I dove in the blue of the Pacific Ocean surrounded by Manta-rays, marlins. tunas and barracudas, sharks and I immediately felt in love with the Pura Vida lifestyle.

Pura Vida Pura Vida has soo many meaning: hi! I am good! it's also a characteristic of the person but most of allit is a feeling. You feel part of the nature, in a beautiful planet full of energy where the waves are big,the earth sometimes shakes and the food is colourful.

I suggest you, fellow boho tribe, try to visit Costa Rica alone or with family and kids. As I used to tell all my clients and friends bring the less you can with you but come with an open heart. For me the best area to visit and stay in Guanacaste at the north of the Nicoya Peninsula during the green season because it is not soo hot, nature is blooming and the ocean is full of waves. Playa avellana is the best spot to surf and eat.

Lola's place and cafe Playa Negra are great places to eat and stay. You can practice yoga at the