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Bangkok ,why i come since more than 25 years to visit you

so I am here again, Bangkok the vibrant capital of Thailand has me again, a lot has changed since I came here ca 27 years ago when I had my first stop over while working as an air hostess for Lufthansa... ahhh this was another time, I remember my first visits as a backpacker to Kao san road making fake student id, buying still cd tapes for the Walkman, of course, I liked the fake Rolex watches and the copies of expensive brands already this day.. I loved to go to wat po for traditional Thai massages and visiting the temples .. I fell in love with Buddhism, meditation courses, and the whole spiritual movement.

I travel all the island with my back bag all alone.. had space cookies at ko Phangan and cute Australian surfer for boyfriends.. we danced all night on open stars..

There was no internet or mobile phones.. we still talked to each other, laughed a lot and there was a sense of community with fellow travellers, you could still make friendships.. no hotel room was pre-booked we were on a daily journey, maybe the big book from the lonely planet was guiding us where to get the next boat to Laos or where to crash and sleep for each budget.. I loved travelling and I never stopped until now.

I wrote postcards to my family and called every few weeks from a phone booth to say that I was still alive.. have you seen the movie.. the beach? it was like this.. a bunch of hippies, travellers looking for the last paradise, for being free and on the road..locals where still friends we shared some good times together.

Flying was not so cheap there was no low-cost airline, so we saved all year for our tickets to Asia , worked a lot to be able to afford these journeys, later we took long overnight buses, boat trips and we walked a lot to arrive at our destinations.. slow travel was normal.. nothing was pre-planned and all was falling into place..this was good times, guys..

now I turned 50 this year.. and I am still on the road..

again in Bangkok .. alone travelling ..this city has tested me each time.. but still, i love it .. most of the time.

it hurts me to see the cities in this world becoming all the same.. i don't like to see everybody wearing masks on their face and only watching their mobile phones.. we are overpopulated on this planet and we have to choose to be free.

here are a few places and tips I like to share with you.

stay close to the river.

Hotel: P&R RESIDENCE in the trendy Charoenkrung 30 road, love this hotel you get a beautiful room for 38 euros a night..

lots of art galleries and design shops around, old Bangkok ..

new shopping mall the Icon siam, I love the food sook there, all local food from all Thailand next to the Japanese department store.

a visit to Chinatown is a must, check out the small lane of sampeng market.

Mbk shopping mall ...need something for your phone.. cosmetic.. go there

boat trips in bangkok

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