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Marrakesh ,I felt totally in love with you

I have travelled around the world, have been everywhere. but somehow Marrakesh and Morocco were not on my list. so last month I finally went for a 4 day trip with my daughter Ishi and it hit me, it was love at first sight.

I try to describe what it is what makes Morocco so special.

it must be the air - warm, dry and seductive. the smell of Africa a continent

I was curious about but didn't dare to travel by myself.

the smell of orange trees. ahhh.. how to start .. just telling you.I fell in love with.

I want to buy a RIAD ... I dream about being the owner of one of these secret old mansions with beautiful gardens and open rooftops.

Have you seen the Instagram girls posing in turquoise mosaic tiles patios?



I arrived last night coming from Barcelona, the plane was full of young #bohotrippers from everywhere, couples in love maybe on a honeymoon, groups of Instagram girls from south America to Japan.Its incredible how popular this destination has become.

When I arrived at Marrakesh airport which is really beautiful, first I had to fill out the landing card and queue at the passport control, but it was fast and got a sim card and internet for less than 10 euros. My suitcase was already there the last security check and out I was..I decided not to change money at the exchange counter because they ask ridiculous lots of commission.. there is an atm machine just outside .. my hotel has sent me a taxi driver for pick up..this will cost you ca 20 euros to get into the medina.. 15 euros daytime. its only 20 minutes drive ..make sure you book a pick up with your Riad otherwise u never gonna find it..the riads are hidden in the small street only the locals now to find them.. I knocked at a big wooden door and then I enter my home ..

I stayed at

Riad Lalla Manaoush with Sophie and frank, a super sympathetic french couple who fulfilled their dream of opening a riad just 6 months ago.

It is tastefully furnished with velvet sofas, Morrocan furniture and newest boho design.. my room the annarose is big and has an amazing bathroom and super comfy bed. I was welcomed with the traditional mint tea and then went for deep sleep in my boho suit.

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