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It was a long but beautiful journey until I could fulfil my dream about manifesting my dream boho houses here in magic and wild Portugal.

I mean, I am on-road travelling and exploring our planet since very long . I grew up in a bohemian artist family in Germany but since I was a teenager the east was calling me home. India and Asia nurtured me in my quest for spiritual awakening and it was the source for my creative work as a slow fashion designer until now.  Ibiza is my island where I live since 2000 but when I visited my spiritual teacher Mooji in the deep valleys of the wild Alentejo I fell in love again with the land, the people and freedom I feel here in my heart.

I found Casinha Mourisca after a silent retreat just 4 km away from the Ashram of Guruji Mooji and immediately knew this is the house I want to stay for the rest of my life. So peaceful so far away from hectic and stress, it’s a house for healing happiness and discovering your own self again. Welcome home! 

Being a big beach lover all my life I need to be close to the ocean. So after a wonderful holiday near Odeceixe, down at the coast of the Costa Vincentina I found by chance my Boho dream house in the green valley of Odeceixe beach which is a natural reserve with the river Seixe in front leading to the breathtaking beach just beside the hiking Camino of the Costa  Vicentina. Well known for best surf conditions it’s also a home for freedom lovers, travellers, yogis and gipsies like me. I am happy to share this beautiful house with guests from around the world. Life is a beach, isn’t it?

Stay with us for a while and share this journey of love.


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