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"Where to Find the Best Pizza in Formentera: A Delicious Guide to the Island's Top Pizzerias"


Having lived in Ibiza all my life and travelled often to her neighbouring little sister Formentera, I have come across some incredible places.

One of my favourites on the little island of Formentera has to be Macondo @macondoformentera and it is not even on a beach nor is it Spanish. It’s an Italian restaurant that makes the best Pizzas ever. 

My favourite is the Pizza “Yes" which is a crispy Pizza tomato base with melted Mozzarella and Brie cheese, Speck and then sprinkled with fresh rocket. They also do great salads, pasta, fish and meat dishes.

To be honest, everything here is really tasty and good value.

It’s lovely to sit outside on their terrace in the summer and watch the world go by…mostly very brown italians! There’s a little craft market in the evenings that you can check out while you wait for your food.

To find it drive into the town of Sant Ferrán and you will find it close to the church. It gets pretty full in the summer so best get there early.

The owner is always super friendly and often invites us to his unbelievable Pannacotas at the end of our meal. The Pannacotas by the way, come with chocolate, mango. dulce de leche or strawberry sauce poured all over it them. 

They open all year for lunch and for dinner but don’t take reservations.

I once came here in April for my birthday and they had a DJ inside by the bar and we had a lock-in with the local islanders. I’m sure one of them was related to Keith Richards! Love and sunshine!

HJORDIS FOGELBERG myibizaandformentera

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