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How i found my Bohodreamhouse in Portugal

how I found my boho dream house? when I saw the magical beach and the valley of Odeceixe I fell in love with this part of Portugal.. just at the corner of the wild Alentejo and the beginning of the Algarve with the little charming boho city of Aljezur as neighbour, I found my dream place at Odeceixe beach. The river Ceixe ends here in the wild Atlantic Ocean, the big sandy beach is world famous for best-surfing conditions. Never crowded not even in August when all of Portugal comes for family summer vacation. What I love most is the beautiful nature of the Costa Vincentian, a natural reserve landscape and famous hiking trek which starts in Porto Covo and ends in Sagres. 7 days of wandering one of Europe’s most beautiful landscapes.

stay with us for a while and discover life how it should be

The boho dream house is available all year round, we have 3 highly stylish beach decor rooms, with 5 beds, 2 sleeping rooms and a big living room facing the big garden and the magical garden of Odeceixe Valley.. The beach is only 12 min walk away..

bluewanderlustvansif you want to travel along the coast in #portugal #vanlife  than you should rent one of the blue boho vintage vans from my friends from bluewanderlust this will be an amazing adventure and bohotrip.

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