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Odeceixe Portugal's most loved beach

You’ve Done Ibiza … Now Try Coastal Portugal

Odeceixe is among the “best-undiscovered beaches in the world” according to an online list published by financial news provider Bloomberg.

The picture-perfect beach is one of six choices and is suggested as an alternative to Spain’s Ibiza.

Portugal’s tourism mojo has skyrocketed in the last year, luring many to its romantic cities and dreamy wine valleys, but its rugged beaches have yet to experience the boom. According, who specializes in custom trips to the Iberian peninsula, there “are no unexplored beaches left in Spain,” but several spots along the Portuguese coast are still “wild, beautiful, and empty.” Take Odeceixe (pronounced udd-sesh): It’s set at the juncture of the Atlantic Ocean and the tightly-coiled Ceixe River, which separates the Algarve from Alentejo.

The quieter side of Odeceixe.

There, you’ll find pristine beaches between the river’s curled banks as well as on the quartz-lined ocean coast—so many of them that you can kayak from one to the next, looking for resident otters or places to avoid human contact. The crowds are thin, in part because there are no luxury hotels. One exception: BOHO DREAMHOUSE, an affordable boutique bolthole with direct beach access. It's far more stylish and hospitable than its 100 euro per-night price point would let on. Come and stay with your family this summer.. Book now

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